School And Education Printing Services

The following printed products cover a wide array of academic, administrative, and student engagement needs in schools. They support teaching and learning, reinforce concepts, foster communication, offer organisation, and enhance the overall educational experience.


These printed books contain educational content for specific subjects and grade levels. They provide structured lessons, explanations, and exercises to support student learning.


Workbooks complement textbooks by providing additional practice exercises and activities. They help reinforce concepts and develop students’ skills through hands-on learning.

Exercise Sheets

These worksheets contain specific exercises designed to test students’ knowledge and provide practice in a particular topic or skill. They can be used in classrooms, for homework assignments, or in individual study.


Similar to exercise sheets, worksheets cover a broader range of topics and are often used for review, assessment, or in-class activities. They can include fill-in-the-blank questions, multiple-choice questions, and short-answer questions.


Handouts are informational sheets given to students to provide supplementary material or instructions. They often include charts, diagrams, and other visual aids to support understanding and engagement.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans outline the objectives, activities, and assessment methods for a particular lesson or unit of instruction. They serve as guides for teachers by providing a structured framework and ensuring consistency in delivery.


Syllabi provide an overview of the course objectives, topics, materials, and assessment methods for an entire academic term. They give students an understanding of what to expect and help them plan their studies accordingly.


School calendars display important dates, holidays, and events throughout the academic year. They help students and staff stay organized and informed about upcoming activities and deadlines.


Newsletters are regular publications that provide updates about school news, achievements, upcoming events, and important announcements. They serve as a communication tool to keep parents, students, and staff informed about school activities.


Posters are visually appealing displays that provide information, educational content, or motivational messages. They can be used in classrooms, hallways, and common areas to create an engaging and supportive learning environment.


Flyers are single-page handouts used to promote school events, clubs, fundraisers, or announcements. They are typically distributed to students, staff, and the community to raise awareness and encourage participation.


Certificates are printed documents that recognise individual achievements, such as graduation, academic excellence, sports participation, or community service. They serve as a tangible reminder of accomplishments and motivate students.

Report Cards

Report cards provide a summary of students’ academic performance, including grades and comments from teachers. They are typically issued at the end of each grading period and serve as tools for assessing progress and communicating with parents.


Printed letters are often used for official communication from the school to parents/guardians or from teachers to parents/guardians or students. They address specific issues, concerns, or achievements and foster effective communication.

Identification Cards

ID cards include a student’s name, photo, and other relevant information. They provide identification and security measures within the school premises and are commonly used for attendance tracking and access control.

Test Papers

Test papers are printed materials used to assess students’ knowledge and understanding in a formal testing setting. They include questions, prompts, or tasks for students to respond to within a given timeframe.

Study Guides

Study guides provide structured outlines, summaries, and key concepts to assist students in preparing for exams or reviewing coursework. They help students focus their study efforts and provide clarity on important points.


Brochures present information about specific programs, courses, or services offered by the school. They are often used for recruitment, open houses, or informational purposes to showcase the school’s offerings.

Library Catalogue

A printed library catalogue lists the inventory of books, periodicals, and other resources available in the school library. It serves as a reference tool for students and staff to locate and borrow materials.


Maps are printed visual representations of a school campus, floor plans, or educational content related to geography, history, or other subjects. They assist students in navigating the school premises or understanding specific concepts.

Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Schools are finding numerous innovative ways to utilise outdoor vinyl banners to enhance communication, promote school spirit, and maximise the overall learning experience. One effective use of outdoor banners is to showcase important dates. Schools can display upcoming events such as parent-teacher conferences, school holidays, and sports games. By prominently featuring these dates on banners, schools can ensure that everyone is aware and can plan accordingly.

Tear Drop Banner Flags and Bow Banner Flags

When placed near entryways, Tear Drop Banner Flags and Bow Banner Flags create a welcoming atmosphere for students, faculty, and visitors. These flags can proudly display the school’s logo or mascot, instantly establishing a sense of pride and unity. In addition, they can also convey important messages such as upcoming events, school achievements, or even inspirational quotes to inspire and motivate students as they enter the building.

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